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BILL GRAY and wesley snIPES

International Hip-Hop Artist
Reco Live with the Chris Thomas
(The former Mayor of  BET's RAP City)
"RECO LIVE is bringing Hip-Hop is Back !!

RECO LIVE pictured here with Young Guru.

RECO LIVE is one of the hottest Hip Hop artist to emerge on the Rap scene in decades.  RECO LIVE made  a change for his kids before  releasing the singles 'Make A Change' and 'What About Us.'

One year later Snoop Dogg became Snoop Lion during a spirtual journey to Jaimaca.  Snoop Lion said he did this for his kids (and grand kids).  RECO LIVE's  debut single 'MAKE A CHANGE' - cites "Make A Change for my family because I love you"
. Check Snoop Lion's clip:


Get your copy of RECO LIVE's  latest singles on iTUNES and AMAZON.

RECO LIVE and Comedian Brandon Jackson at
Ezstreet's 1st Annual  Twitter Awards.

RECO LIVE  with Reesa Renee at the 1st Annual Twitter Awards.

 RECO LIVE career has expanded from the streets to the pulpit.  RECO LIVE's music video is in production now. Order your copy of  RECO LIVE's 'MAKE A CHANGE' or  'WHAT ABOUT US' and be a part of the Hip-Hop history.

RECO LIVE is a true master of ceremonies (MC).  The master of ceremonies title was give to a professional speaker or an established hip-hop artist who used recorded vinyl as their canvas.  MC RECO LIVE jumps into the rap fray and immediately created international attention.  Only a few artists have ever done this. Its been decades since a true Hip-Hop MC has emerged from the ranks .....  RECO LIVE's future is bright..........

RECO LIVE pictured here with entertainment professionals and fans.


 BILL GRAY, President & C.E.O.   STR Music Group

STR Music Group  has been providing professional entertainment services, consulting, audio production, mixing, mastering, sound recording, video and  lighting services for more than 20 years.

Our experienced professionals can determine the appropriate scale of your needs, develop requirements, provide technical support, and take care of any necessary staffing.

We are leaders in the field booking, management and artist development.

STR Music Group is your choice for all your entertainment needs whether its concerts, theatrical presentations, trade shows, or nightclubs.

We can design the perfect event for you... whether your venue will hold 100 or 100,000 people.

STR Music Group is a veteran company who has discovered alot of talent over the years.

EDDIE SINGLETON,  (former)  Director, A&R, Warner Brothers Records,

STR Music Group provided consultant serves to Carl Martin's group "BETA", a Howard University R&B group featuring himself and Darnell Van Rensalier.  BETA's demo was shopped to Warner Brothers Music who passed on their demo.

Eddie Singleton  A&R, Warner Bros.  stated   if Carl's group  SHAI (Beta) went Platinum he personally give me a call and take my listening ear seriously.  Eddie Singleton worked directly with Bennie Medina, VP, Warner Brothers Records. Eddie was later promoted to the Director of A&R, Warner Brothers Records.

Carl Martin's Production for "IF EVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN" became a number one Platinium Hit for his group SHAI.

MOHOGANISE performed her debut HIT SONG SHAKE IT AT MC DONALDS SESSIONS featuring TWISTA and NINA SKY. MOHOGANISE'S  VIDEO " SHAKE IT" HAILS AS TOP YOUTUBE VIDEO SHORT. Mohoganise Shake It made it to the first round of the 50th Anniverary Grammy Awards.

STR Music Group worked with Keith Martin with music production and mixing in their studio prior to being signed at Ruffhouse Records. Keith invited STRMG's producer and arranger Bill Gray, to attend a Ruffhouse Records recording session finalizing the hit single "Never Fit someone like  you" with the production and writing team  Marti Sharron and Danny Sembello.  Keith's performance of  'Never find some one like you" was featured on the  Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, Bad Boy Sony Movie soundtrack. Keith is a solo artist, producer and musician..

STR Music Group held a public  search for talent in the Washington Metropolitan Area under it emerging company Risque Productions and out of 1,700 people, DJ KOOL choosen. 

DJ KOOL has became one of the most sort after artists, receiving both Platinum and Gold Record Awards, for the song 'Let me clear your throat'.  DJ Kool has been an inspiration to the youth and one of the greatest hip hop DJ talents of Washington D.C

In 1979  Ted Carpenter opened at the "Showtime Records' Hogates premier.

Ted Carpenter is one best comedians. His creative impressions always left you wanting more... Ted Carpenter has various TV appearances and  most recently opened a comedy club.

        We have provided services for:

  • Carl Martin  -(Beta) SHAI
  • Keith Martin - Ruffhouse Records
  • Mohoganise - Khurum Records
  • Jewel - Showtime Records
  • Takir - (J-Holiday)  New Music Ent,
  • McDonalds Concert
  • Takir - New Music Entertainment
  • Reebok premiere clothing
  • WKYS - Michael Jackson Contest
  • Excalibur Records
  • Hip-Hop 4 the Homeless
  • WKY Howard University Homecoming Show
  • Adam- Michael Jackson Tribute Artist
  • Khurum Records

  • Zips Show-  Japan
  • NIKI-Showtime Records
  • ARABA- Showtime Records
  • MC Mannyman - Showtime Records
  • Orient of Virgina ASSR
  • Caricatures for All Occasions
  • M Wonder - Keystep Mgt
  • Sisters In the Name of Rap
  • Cherissa - Keystep Mgt
  • Suiteland Festival
  • Avalon Studios
  • City Lights Public Charter School
  • EZ Street WKYS Twitter Awards
  • Reco Live - Who's Next In the DMV
  • DC Youth Football Championship


Our knowledgeable and friendly support representatives provide unparalleled service. We aren't satisfied unless you are. We save you money and increase productivity, using our innovative strategy of proactive planning, continual monitoring, and quick response. Don't leave your  entertainment needs to chance. Go with the best...  STR MUSIC GROUP.




(202) 498-2300

Nahum Grymes pka J. Holiday started in the early 2000's with five part harmony hip-hop r&b group called TAKIR (i.e. short for 'Talented and Keeping it Real') under New Music Entertainment management company.

STR Music Group was first introduced to 'TAKIR' through their managers, Brian Taylor and Chad McKay of New Music Entertainment. New Music Entertainment entered into an agreement with us to produce and release TAKIR's Mr. Brown.

TAKIR (DC's  Hottest Male Group) each member was a lead singer,, Left  to Nate P/k/A  J. Holiday -Capital Records,   Bottom Center PJ  p/k/a  Prince, Dieon p/ka Haze.

STR Music Group and New Music Entertainment both agree that TAKIR was the hottest hip-hop/r&b groups to  emerge from the Washington DC's area in over a decade.

STRMG worked with TAKIR's
song development, arrangements, and with creating a unique direction.

STR Music Group produced Mr. Brown which was TAKIR's best song, although it was never released, it was a  hit. Mr. Brown featured all five members of the group.

STR Music Group submitted TAKIR demo to Atlantic Record's VP Rich Christina stated TAKIR and  "Mr. Brown" was a good combination although a deal wasn't inked. 

STR Music Group indicated to  Rich Christina not inking 'TAKIR' would be a big mistake. When TAKIR did not receive a recording deal with Atlantic Records two members left group an enlisted in the military, while  Nahum,  Prince and Dieon (featured above) continued TAKIR.

Nahum Grymes inked a solo deal with Capital Records as J. Holiday.

J. Holiday's number 1 single 'Bed' was nominated for several music awards including a Grammy and received a Gold Record for the Song.

New Music Entertainment's Chad McKay is secretly working on another hot talent.

KIM COLES  and  RECO LIVE  at  Radio One Media Conference, Raleigh NC.

"RECO THIS  RECO THAT" -  Actually what the streets are say awaiting his debut single " Make A Change" A tribute to Hip-Hop.

Hip-Hop  changed lives, it allowed other  nationalities to experience other cultures through music without physically enduring the pain.

RECO LiVE's Make A Change addresses today times and how men really feel about their children.. RECO LIVE says he wants to do better.

This reminds us of periods when Hip Hop music was almost required to have messages heartfelt. There was even a song called the message....

RECO Live Says he expects the music lovers of Hip-Hop/R&B/POP to enjoy his debute single make a change.....

RECO LIVE AND LUPE FIASCO - Representing the Art of the MC Today's HIP-HOP at NC Radio One Music Conference. RECO and LUPE are true MCs.

RECO and LUPE both and no new the Hip-Hop Arena now it their time.

RECO LIVE  CAN TOUR IN YOUR CITY, TOWN OR COUNTY. Just click on the link below and demand RECO LIVE comes to your area...............

Grammy Award winning  Living Legend CHUCK BROWN and founder of  D.C.'s Go-Go music culture stamp's RECO LIVE as D.C.'s hottest Hip-Hop Artist at the D.C. Grammy Party 2012. 

RECO like CHUCK moved from NC to DC to establish his music career. 

CHUCK BROWN after moving to DC  and created the now famous Go-Go Music which has been recognized as the sound of D.C., Maryland and Virginia (DMV).

RECO LIVE  was honored when legendary CHUCK BROWN said "we need more positive rap music!!"


CHUCK BROWN passed away on May 16, 2012 leaving RECO LIVE  and others to continue his positive music in Washington D.C.

 RECO LIVE's producer Bill Gray  reflects sitting with Chuck Brown, Jazz Funk,  Donell Floyd, White Boy of Rare Essence, Fat Tony, Dike of Trouble Funk, Little Benny of Little Benny & The Masters and others at Hit Makers office of Georgia Ave organizing to petition D.C. radio stations to play our local  Go-Go music. Together with the 'God Father' Chuck Brown the community Go-Go  music leaders were able to convince D.C. Radio to place the sound of D.C.'s Go-Go Music in regular rotation on on WPGC and WKYS commercial radio stations.

CHUCK BROWN was always there to support youth doing positive things.

CHUCK BROWN will surely be missed.

Bill Gray

RECO LIVE interviewed at this years Grammy Party.  RECO LIVE  was received at his first Grammy event prior to dropping his album this Fall. Demand RECO LIVE to appear in your city.

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