STR MUSIC GROUP requires every member establishing a relationship with us to be an intern or service in a  volunteer non -paid status until  funding has been established to support payment of salaries.

No intern or volunteer status be authority to print, duplicate or utilize STR Music Group's name, likeness, logos or any form of identification without express written consent of an authorized company representative. Those rights are expressly reserved. Any one caught manufacturing  or utilizing STR Music Group's name,  logos, or likeness without written consent will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No verbal consent with be excepted.

STR MUSIC GROUP's name and likeness is  protected under regulated federal and state law. Anyone seeking usage of any of STR Music Group's property. artists. or LOGOS must apply for a license or receive permission. For information of how to apply for usage or any license produce materials please email us at:


STR Music Group
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